Christmas Songs

Hi all, I’m currently working through the Beginner to Boss course and am in the middle of module 2 (learning train sounds). Here’s my problem - the holiday season is fast approaching and I’d like to learn a Christmas song or two, but I haven’t gotten to module 3 and haven’t learned how to do single notes. Is it a mistake to jump into a couple Christmas songs without going through module 3 and risk learning bad technique or possibly skipping ahead to at least the first lesson in module 3?? Least preferred option is continuing in order and waiting till next year as I won’t get through all of module 2 before the holiday season. Thoughts?


Never hurts to try something above our ability from time to time and see what happens. Not all the time, but the musical path is about exploration and following your intuition.

The main thing to beware of is that you don’t sacrifice your deep relaxed mouth position in order to be able to play single notes quickly. That’s a bad habit that’s hard to undo, and it’s why I have so many chords lessons before single notes in the course.

A simpler song. might be Jingle Bells, which I did a lesson for way back in the day. You can check that out here.

I teach it as single notes but you could play it as double stops (2 notes at a time.) Just choose the higher note for the melody. So it starts on 5, you could play 45 then it goes up to 6 you could play 56, then it goes 4 -4 5 and you could play 34 -34 45, and so on.

Keep us posted how it all goes!