Chromatic journey

Im just new to this forum as of 10 minutes ago. I was looking for discussions of chromatic. Am I in the right place, or is this mostly diatonic oriented? I am teaching myself after some years of playing diatonics. Ive reached a point of getting all my songs out of three keys of chromes, a C, a D and a Bb. Its getting exciting as I get toward using only one by my goal of the end of this year. I can read a little music but Im an ear player. So I would like to talk with other players who are on a similar journey. I prefer melody playing in many genres to blues by itself. I look forward to any sharing of ideas.

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Yes this is mainly focused on 10 hole diatonic harmonicas but if you use the search function at the top of the Forum page you will find a few discussions about chromatics. I’ve found that I really like the sound of the chromatic, tremolo and octave harmonicas so I’ve been alternating between the different types for playing simple melodies. I can read music and also play (but not very well!) guitars, bass, keyboards and a recorder type wind midi controller. For harmonica I mainly play by ear.

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Thank you Jeff. I will probably drift to a more chromatic site. I, too, played guitar and sang for many years, and used a rack for holding harps. But I’ve lost much of my singing voice and arthritis has cramped my guitar playing so I decided to stay with our occasional band playing by digging hard into the chromatic for solos and playing around the other singers, etc. It’s working well, and I find using a hand mic makes the chrome sound more flutelike. Fun, all.