Clean 2 hole draw (not bent)

Hi there, just wondering if there are any lessons/videos or posts on getting a good clean 2 hole draw (not bent)?
What advice/tips have you got?
Thank you


Hi Tom @tom2340

The method is actually no different than what is used for any unbent draw hole on the blues harp: tongue position, harp position deep into the mouth, throat relaxed, etc. :point_left:

If that does not work then the reed for the 2 draw is probably bent, damaged, or not straight in its slot and rubbing or catching the side of its slot, or the gap at the reed’s free end is either too small or too large. :face_with_monocle: To check these you must disassemble the harp.

There are various posts here on the forum from myself and others regarding reed gapping and alignment, should that be the problem.

What make and model blues harp is it?

– Slim


Hi Tom
The 2 draw is a real awkward one - apparently it’s the way it’s set up and the length. Unlikely that there’s anything wrong with it. I bought an A harp and had the same problem at first - 2 draw bends with no effort at all. You have to keep your mouth shape and against the harp, tounge flat - no hint of trying to bend. If you search for 2 draw problems there are a couple of good videos on it. Worked for me.
Good luck.


As with most things harmonica, minimum effort is the key - try and play the -2 as quietly as you can. That will certainly help if the issue is you are bending the -2 when you’re trying to play it ‘straight’. It will improve your technique for lots of other things too!

The -2 is often the problem note for beginners, but once you get it to work ‘gently’ you can’t figure out why it was ever a problem!


Welcome to the forum @billyb1952. It’s nice to see someones’ first post helping someone else! You’re going to fit in here nicely. :smiley:


Hello @tom2340,
-2 needs special caresses. I also had problems getting a good sound in the first few weeks. Why? I played like the other notes, too hard, too loud, without sensitivity. What @billyb1952 writes is correct! Welcome to us @billyb1952. It’s rarely the harp. I had the problem with 2 out of 5 harps and they were innocent. Don’t give up and find the right tone with patience and relaxation. Greetings from Astrid :woman_in_lotus_position:


Hey @billyb1952 thank you so much for your input here, and welcome to the forum my friend!

Rock on,


Everybody’s advice here is spot on.

Rarely it’s the harp. Almost always it’s the mouth position and/or drawing too hard. Gentle and relaxed is the key.

Make sure top lip is deep over the top cover plate.

Drop the jaw. No tension. Just let it hang down so the teeth are far apart. Back of tongue down like when we yawn in a vowel shape like “aaahhhh”

That should do it.

Oh, well that and: practice, practice, practice.

Just keep playing with it. It will come together for you. We’ve all been there!