Composing troubles

Hi everyone, hope all is well

The thread about transposing 2nd position to the higher register, got me thinking if I would be able to write a song in the G mixolydian scale.

Now let me be clear, that I am a poet more than I am a musician, so I am able to get a text down, but melodies don’t come easy. Still I like to challenge myself, so I wrote a small text, and for the first time I added notes I’ve been playing around with an online piano (it’s easier for me to visualise on a piano but my brother got my old piano for his studio) and if I’m able to get something done, I might even throw in the sickest harp solo (okay maybe it won’t be that sick but at least I’ll be having fun)

The question is if I got the theory right: In order for a song to be in G mixolydian it has to have a minor 7th as well as end (and maybe also begin) on a G. Or have I got it wrong?

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Hey @vibe - good for you! G Mixolydian on the keyboard is super easy - all the white keys from G to G!

A great chord progression to use for a Mixolydian jam is alternating between G major (G-B-D) and F major (F-A-C).

Rock on,