Concerts in Germany

Hi everyone!
I’m having a hard time finding concerts (with a harmonica of course :upside_down_face:) here in Germany or even France since i’m living close to Strasbourg . Does anyone know a website or any source of information for that. Doesn’t really matter what genre.
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Hi Markus @vuk79

I live relatively near to you (south of Karlruhe, Germany). My experience is that there are few actual “concerts” with harp players. You will have much better chances checking out the websites for the club/bar scene where blues bands usually play. Also check out the websites of local jazz clubs because they sometimes also host blues or jazz groups with harp players in them.

In France look at the web pages of various French harpists, such as Alexandre Thollon, Michel Herblin, Paul Lassey, Rachelle Plas, Jérôme Peyrelevade, Sebastien Charlier, and others – they are all excellent harpists!!!

– Slim :sunglasses:


I have the same problem here in Ohio. I even have more limited options because not interested in traditional Chicago blues, but country music. And since I grew up in the era of country music after Terry McMillan died, the harmonica players on the records now either don’t have the same emotion that Terry had, play like Charlie McCoy, or play like Bob Dylan. And the country harmonica players that do play live either sound terrible, don’t play the style that I like, or don’t play in my state. It sucks very hard trying to be a country harmonica player in my homestate after the 00s. That’s why I make the joke of “we don’t have any harmonica players in the state of Ohio”.


Hello @vuk79 ,
take a look here and save the page: Alte Mälzerei in Eisenach bei Kulturcarré

This is the oldest jazz club in Germany. My father was a member back then. A few events take place there every year, where blues and harp players find their stage.
Eisenach is also highly recommended for tourism. Bach’s birthplace, the famous Wartburg and much more.
I know all this because I was born in Eisenach and spent part of my life there. The concerts take place in the basement of the former malthouse. Unfortunately I can’t get there because of the stairs. Maybe it would be something for you?

Regards from Astrid :woman_in_lotus_position:


@vuk79 @Slim @AstridHandbikebee63 - If you guys can make it to this, it should fill your harmonica inspirational gas tanks for a whole year! I know I’d make it a priority to go!

@KeroroRinChou similarly, if you can make it to Tulsa for SPAH I’m quite sure you’d come away incredibly inspired by some of the performances, both formal and informal.


Thx for answering! Will check out the french players for sure since I haven’t heard of them yet!


Will have an eye on this club! Thx for answering!


I’m not planning on going to SPAH this year because I’m genuinely afraid for my safety if I go. Especially with the vendors booths because of George Miklas, somebody who claims to have a big authority in the harmonica space, but has tried to manipulate and gaslight me online. I’m very scared if that he approaches me, he’ll try to groom me and even hurt me in ways that would silence me when it comes to talking about mental health and my experiences with ableism in the harmonica community.

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