Cross harp charts

I’ve been online looking for a cross hard chart but they seem off. I always thought C was 2nd position for G and E for A but thats not what ive been finding any help?

You got the first set right (C harp for G), but you need an A harp for playing in E, and E harp for playing in B, etc. I could’ve swore somebody on here made a cheet sheet for harmonica players. I’ll link it to ya after I find it.


The ones I can find say D for G B for E C for F . Even on the hohner site. But yea if you could that would be great. Thanks

With the Hohner harmonicas I got, they got the key chart on the side of the box. It starts off with the song key, then list off the harmonica keys you’re gonna need for that song in three different positions.
For example it goes like this:
Song Key: C
First position: C
Second Position: F
Third position: Bb
Maybe you’re reading it backwards. IDK

I have a set of marine band and a couple lee oskars but no chart that I remember. I’m not reading anything back words I understand positions and stuff. I swore when I started playing I found it easily

I posted the one on Cross harp 2 on forum

I found the right one sorry


Hope this helps