Cross Key Compatibility

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Ideally, we play a harp in the key of the music being played. However, I know some keys are cross compatible with others. If I am jamming at a jam and don’t have the key being played, what keys are compatible with what I have in my pocket? I’ve seen the circle of 5ths. But, I don’t speak Greek, so the circle is of little help. Does someone have a table that spells out compatibility more easily?



Hi @Nick

If you use the search function that the forum provides you can find answers to most beginner questions. To start you off you can read carefully this thread of posts.

The answer to your question, as you will see, is not so easily or quickly explained and it would help your progress greatly if you would take the time and make the effort to learn some “Greek”. :point_left:

The blues harp is a deceptively simple instrument that is a devil to master.

– Slim :sunglasses:


Thanks, Slim. The banjo is deceptively simple instrument that is a devil to master as well. So, been there, done that. I’m also a retired Navy SEAL. Challenges are my thing. So, thanks for the quick response. It’s time to dive in to musical Greek. Did you know that the circle of 5ths was devised in Russia in 1670? No, I will not try to learn Russian!




Awesome! Now, that’s what I’m talking about (I think)!


Yeah Nick, the position chart is the easiest way to go. More here:

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