Custom Mic

Just wanted to share my beautiful hand made mic Greg Heumann from Blowsmeaway has just crafted. His skills are second to none in custom mic design and build.

I had this made out of black and white ebony with a brass grill.

His mics are a work of art and a considered purchase, but I did want to showcase his talent.

Greg is such a great guy and shares every part of the build process as he progresses.

You can find more of his builds here




Truly beautiful.


Very pretty microphone. Congratulations! What element did you get installed?


Good morning @Boaz_Kim_Music i went for the standard Heumann element as it’s the same element (I believe) as is in my Bullitini which I’ve been happy with.

It does have a great warmth to the sound and packs some power.


It’s a beautiful piece. I think part of what separates Greg’s work is that he’s artist, engineer, and killer harmonica player. It’s not just a “product”, but functional art with his signature. It has to be good to his ear and eye (and yours). Good choice!


Never a truer word spoken, the guy’s a genius.


@Sunseeker95 - Gorgeous! Thanks for sharing.

I know there’s a big difference in looks and ergonomics, but I’m wondering if there is a significant difference in the tone of your custom mic vs. the Bulletini.

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Hello @Luke, that is an interesting question being the same element, so I played them one after the other through my Laney Cub 10 practice amp and found them to be very similar in all respects. I would say the Bulletini is slightly louder, possibly because I hold it closer to the harp than I do with the custom mic, but this is easily compensated for on the volume control and wouldn’t be noticeable outside of a comparison test.

I think the greatest difference in sound/tone comes from the difference in ergonomics, in that I naturally cup them differently being different in size. It is a big change for me playing with a new mic after so many years using the Bulletini, but it’s great to hear the same tone, depth and warmth that I’ve become familiar with.

So I’d say for me they are pretty close, but to a more decerning professional ear I’m sure you’d pick up some tonal variance.

However, I’ve never just stared at my bulletini in awe of it’s beauty, but Greg’s mics sure do bring out that inner desire for beautiful things.

Pros: Only second in beauty to my wife
Cons: Scared to death of dropping it


Your approach to evaluating the microphones—considering both the technical aspects and the aesthetic appeal—shows a deep appreciation for the nuances of musical equipment. It’s great that you’ve found a mic that matches the tone, depth, and warmth you’re accustomed to while also satisfying your appreciation for craftsmanship and design.

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Many thanks for your kind words @figaloprepod