Dabell Noble - Most Hyped Harp of 2023?

Dabell Noble - The Most Hyped Harp of 2023

I’ve been hearing a lot of buzz around the Forum and YouTube about the new Dabell Noble harmonica:

:speech_balloon: “Very comfortable and smooth. Fast Response.”

:speech_balloon: “Better than a Marine Band”

:speech_balloon: “Superior Engineering”

Curiosity piqued! I finally broke down and bought one (it’s an affliction :stuck_out_tongue:). Here’s the low down, for you:

Here’s what I love about it:

:heavy_check_mark: Looks

It’s a beautiful looking harmonica. 4/5 Stars.

:heavy_check_mark: Comfort

Very comfy on the lips and the hands. 5/5 Stars.

Here’s what I I don’t like:

:x: Responsiveness

It lacks the responsiveness I need. This is even more pronounced in the upper register, but is true throughout, and especially on the -2. This is an automatic deal-breaker for me. Nothing frustrates me like playing a note and not instantly hearing it. 2/5 Stars

:x: Tone

It’s got a nice tone, but its projection is a bit quiet and kind of “airy” sounding. 3/5 Stars.

:x: Bendability

The draw bends -1’, -3’, -3”, -3’’’, -4’, -6’ and blow bends 8’ and 9’ were all easy enough. But the -2” and -2’ I found a bit difficult, which relates to the responsiveness issue I detailed above. I also couldn’t get the 10’ - admittedly not the most commonly played note, but I still want it! 3/5 Stars.

Verdict - Is the hype justified?

My total rating on this harmonica is 3.4 out of 5 stars. A GOOD harmonicafor SURE, but NOT a GREAT harmonica.

I certainly can’t justify spending $57 on one, which is what I see them going for on Rockin Ron’s while I’m writing this. :moneybag:

I think they’re getting so much hype because they look great. Or maybe it’s just kind of a relief to break up the monotony of Hohner, Seydel, Suzuki, and Lee Oskar being the only games in town?

Or maybe it just really is the best harmonica for certain people’s playing styles. That’s the thing to remember when it comes to talking about the best brands of harmonicas: it’s SO SUBJECTIVE.

But as for me, I’ll pass on the Dabell Noble…and that’s my 2 cents for what it’s worth. :person_shrugging: I’m hoping Dabell keep at it and come up with a real contender harmonica, I’ll be keeping my eye out!


Came to the same conclusion after buying a C and G noble . They have first class fit and finish . Not without draw backs as they tend to fight you and you really need to Play them and adjust all your blows and draws .My G was better then the C on whole not the Harps I would reach for first . I feel that with some tweaking they could be monsters but not out of the box . Has any one had experience adjusting these for better results ?


@March31 nice to see you on the forum again! Thanks for the confirmation. As you may know I am not prone to tinkering, but I have a hunch you’re right, I bet someone could get these to play great, but I’m not impressed out of the box, which really matters to me!


Hello Luke

I bought a Dabell Noble last year and I came to the same conclusion. For me, the Dabell Story is much more responsive and comfortable to play.


It sounds like a Lee Osker is abetter buy. mine plays better than any other I have had.

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@DeeCee welcome to the forum. Glad to have you here. Thanks for sharing!

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