Damaged my harmonica with a neck holder


I bought a neck holder which it seemed a bit tense, used it for a couple of days and it damaged my harmonica, not sure what kind of holder should I use and how to repair my harmonica.


How to repair your harp depends on several factors, such as: What exactly is damaged? What brand and model harp is it?

If it is a good harp from a reputable company, and all that is damaged are the covers, then they can ordered and replaced (by yourself) for a minimal charge.

– Slim

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Thank you Slim for your quick response. It is a Hohner harmonica. I am very interested in why this neck holder damaged it did you have any experience with that? Also what kind of neck holder to buy so this will not happen again?

Hi @csalzy

The model of the Hohner is also important (e.g. Special 20, or Marine Band Deluxe, or Golden Melody, etc) and what exactly is broken/damaged (e.g. cover plates only or comb or both).

Since I do not play guitar or use a neck holder for my harps, I cannot help you regarding your last question.

– Slim

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How is the harmonica damaged?

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