[Processing: 20230324_214408.jpg…](Can’t play harmonica! Was sitting on my porch today drinking a little wine and a bee got in the glass, before I could spit it out it stung my lip. Can’t eat spicy food either. Was about to go inside and play with my amp too.


Hello @KeefDeBluesHarpRobot,
oh shit, get well soon! Chill it a bit and it will go back quickly. Cover your drink soon!

I had the same “fun” with a wasp sting in the back of my tongue last year. I guess I didn’t get the last bite of my burger… I guess wasps aren’t vegetarians :wink::smiley:. Lucky my throat wasn’t swollen shut.
The wasps are also damn fast.

I keep my fingers crossed that you can play again soon. I hope the little animals never sit on the harp!

Regards Astrid :woman_in_lotus_position:



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:astonished: :grimacing:

Oh my …