"Damn Rooster" by Dirtwire

Jason just shared this song with me. So cool. The harmonica kicks in more further into the tune.

I love this swampy hip-hoppy vibe. It’s a sound I was really exploring a lot 5 -6 years ago with my blues rap duo Nowelo, and have kind of drifted away from since the end of that project 2019.

But this song is definitely reminding me that “swamp hop” is something I wanna keep exploring at some point!

Thanks Jason! For those of you who don’t know Jason - he’s man behind the curtain at Harmonica. com that keeps all the magical invisible wheels spinning, and for those of you who have interfaced with him through the support portal, then you’ve learnt as I have that he’s gotta be THE NICEST MAN IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD!!! (I am not even exaggerating.)


Hey. Thanks invisible man. Your job is really well done. Hats off to you. No clunk clunk here. Just zip zip.


Nice jam. Thank you, Jason, for all you do.