Darell mansfield - holy!

Wow, can’t believe I’d never heard about this dude before today. He’s been recording albums since 1976! John Popper obviously HAS to have been influenced by this guy. Here was my introduction to him:

Then I listened to his version of All Along the Watchtower

I’m definitely gonna check out the Darell Mansfield Playlist that Spotify curated.

Were other people aware of him? What do you think of his harmonica playing?

Rock on,


Mansfield has been a giant in the Christian rock realm forever. I saw him twice at college venues way back in the day – the first time in either 1981 or '82 and the other in '87. As for his harmonica playing, with me not being a qualified critic at this point, I’ll say he’s definitely the best I’ve ever been in the same building with.

The guitar player – and it looks like the same dude in the posted video – can absolutely wail by picking with his teeth.


Yeah, I can’t believe I wasn’t hip to this guy. What an amazing player!

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