David Bowie Shreds Harmonica

Check out David Bowie shredding some nasty harmonica at the beginning of his song “Jean Genie” from a 2003 performance on his Reality Tour.

@toogdog turned me onto this performance. I didn’t even know David Bowie played harmonica! But like @toogdog I appreciate Bowie as a true artist who expressed himself in so many unique ways.

The beginning riff here is reminiscent of The Doors’ “Roadhouse Blues”.

Here are the tabs:

-12 -23 34 -23

He plays :point_up_2: that riff 4 times before starting to bend on the -4 -4’ -4 -4’

:question: My Takeaways from Bowie’s Performance?

:one: Playing distorted makes everything sound badass. Let me show you the difference between acoustic and amplified in this vid.

:two: The main riff here is just draw draw-blow-draw. He does bend -4’ but mostly it’s that riff. Once again, you don’t have to be complicated to be awesome.


Hi Like, just watched the Vid. thanks. Are you using some sort of Bluetooth jobby (I have something similar for my guitar) on your microphone or can I just not see the cable?

Thanks aforehand.


Hello @Eolas,
no cable to be seen. :woman_shrugging::slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi Astrid, so Luke‘s either bluffing (I know, he’s not :wink:) or he’s got some sort of wireless jobby on the go.


Yeah, this jobby:


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Thank you :pray: