Diatonic manufacturers for ALL keys

I play with a guitarist that plays in all these weird keys, so ended up getting every key.
I use Special 20’s for the major keys, but although Hohner makes minor key harps, they don’t make Special 20’s in minor keys.
I went to other manufacturers for the rest:
Manjis for the minor keys(as good as the Special 20’s) and Seydel Sessions for the flat minor keys.
All of the Special 20’s and some of the Manjis are on RECESSED brass combs from Tom Halchak of Blue Moon Harmonicas.
I got them for all the keys I gig in.These are lifetime instruments that are fun to play since they are airtight, full sound with increased volume.
Excluding Special 20’s, Hohner does make minor tuned harmonicas, Natural Minor and Harmonic Minor. Regardless, Tom can tune a harp any way you want/need, so feel free to order whatever harp you prefer.