Do it yourself harmonic multi harmonica case

Harmonica cases
Does anyone have good ideas for DIY multi harmonica case? The specialty cases seem to be too expensive in my opinion.
I have been toying with the idea of buying a foam adjustable storage case from Amazon for my harmonica’s. Next question would be - do most people store their harmonicas sideways or up and down vertically? And is there any indication that the adjustable foam inserts would be harmful to our health?


Here’s my harmonica case. It’s actually a metal case for bbq pit tools that someone gave me and it’s on eBay right now for $23 and free shipping (“NEW! Home-Complete Stainless Steel 16-Piece BBQ Grill Tool Set w/ Aluminum Case”). Alot more harp protection than a vinyl case and you get a set of BBQ utensils as well. I’m sure you could pack some foam in there and make cut-outs if you want.