Don't get around much anymore - short Big Walter improv

Hi everyone, hope you’re all doing well. Have been listening to Big Walter Horton’s masterpiece all day:

Made it home and had to record a little improv on it. Beyer M55 microphone, Joyo American pedal + Mooer Shimverb + The Prophet delay, Kustom The Defender. Lots of tongue blocking and slapping.

Have a listen and let me know what you think, haven’t been playing amplified long and am still trying to figure out effect pedals. :peace_symbol:

:headphones: Watch get around much | Streamable :headphones:


Hello @jago,
everything done right :blush::wave:. Your effect pedal setting also sounds good with the song. Keep going :muscle:!
Regards from Astrid :woman_in_lotus_position:


You did a nice job getting a tone, and I’ll assign that to your abilities, not the pedal board. Trying to do a Big Walter classic is an extreme challenge because he had the best tone of any blues harp player. For the future, since you’re getting the sound, think about relaxing and having fun. Listen to what Walter was doing - as good as he was, he was enjoying himself. I saw him a few times. Walter enjoyed himself when he played. So relax. Listen to the Mickey Rafael intro on Willie Nelson’s version of the song. Listen to West Weston. You’ve got the sound. Just open up and play with the feeling. Nice job playing and putting it out there!
West Weston - 6:25 into the video:


Thanks so much, that means a lot coming from you Kevin. I really enjoy your Check out blues by the way!

Truly appreciate the nice feedback, I’ve worked hard on my tone but have always remained insecure about it. (Which also doesn’t do it any good.)

But you’re spot on, this reminds me of an Alan Watts quote: ‘Regard everything that you are doing as play, and don’t imagine for one minute that you’ve got to be serious about it.’ I was clearly a bit nervous during the recording and it shows. Have to remind myself to enjoy the ride and emote.

You’re so lucky to have seen Big Walter perform, that must have been special…

Didn’t know Willie Nelson’s version, thanks! And great link to West Weston, love his playing but hadn’t heard this live recording. Much appreciated, you just gave me an extra boost to keep at it. :pray:

PS I’d like to share the Italian term sprezzatura. It refers to a certain nonchalance, as to make whatever one does appear to be without effort or thought. My goal is to improve my playing up to a point where I can truly make the difficult seem effortless.



Thx. Here’s the Willie Nelson version:
Mickey Rafael doesn’t play much on this one after the intro but he’s so tasty when he does play.

Big Walter was incredible and hearing him was special, though he’d had a little too much those nights. I was in Chicago at the time. My one chance to hear Little Walter was a show he played in San Francisco on the bill with Bo Diddley, but LW was not at the top of his game in 1966. One unexpected treat was hearing “Earring George” Mayweather live. Check him out. I only saw him once - Calumet City, Indiana. He was in the audience and Eddie Taylor called him up to play. Much better than on his Tone Cool album. Also, Little Willie Anderson if you’re not familiar with him. He copied LW to closely to attract record offers in the 60s but he could play. Listening to all those guys gives you a different take on sound, and playing effortlessly.

And glad you liked Checkout Blues. The session was done and the drummer packing up. I asked the bass player to stick around and try something with me - just two of us. The guitar player was getting a ride home from him and was sitting around. We started playing and the guitar dropped in. Sounded fun so I kept it. One take on a song I had never performed (except in my head).


Thanks, added the Willie Nelson version to my playlist :pray:

Unfortunately I’ve heard that about Big Walter before, I guess the substances that sometimes take away the inhibition of creative souls to get on stage can turn into the problem itself…

Wow, I have literally never heard of Earring George. Amazing tone, sounds like a hybrid SBWII-Big Walter. And what a voice!

And what a great story, I’m very happy you did end up keeping it. Great example of emotion and expression in the blues being the most important element once you’ve mastered the instruments at hand.

Thanks again for all the information, really appreciate it! :pray: :pray: :pray: Currently working on Blowing the family jewels by William Clarke and getting into third position playing. It helps to perfect the riffs and the tempo and as a final step enjoy playing and putting in the amount of emotion the song deserves. :muscle: :raised_hands: :pray: