Easttop 008L

I really like my Easttop harmonicas. However, after a while, the numbers for holes fade. This is especially with numbers 4-8. Any one else having similar problem?


I’ve got the T002, and they’re stamped into the cover, so no, but they seem like a good brand.
I now have a Marine Band Special 20 in A as well as the East top T002 in A, I’ve gotta say, I prefer the East top! :slightly_smiling_face:
Hearing that the numbers wear off with other models, I might stick to buying T002s.


I blew the 4 draw of my 008k in about 5 months of pretty steady playing. But I think it was probably due more to undue stress on that poor sucker due to poor technique than a faulty reed.

In fact, as I recall the 4 draw was my easiest and first note to bend and sound halfway decent. So I bent the hell out of it before it went hell bent.

I think it was fine, but I’ve heard with use reeds will go out after a while. I enjoyed it a lot though in the meantime and now my nephew has it to play with :laughing:


For years I’d bust -4’s all the time, especially on Special 20’s which is why I switched back to Lee Oskars again.

But then I learned that I was drawing WAAAYYYY TO HARD for all those years, LOL.

I haven’t blown out a reed in years now. So I think you’re right about “undue stress.” LOL.

Any time we learn something new, we always tend to use way more force than necessary to accomplish the task, and then in time we can learn just how little face we can use to accomplish the task well.

Rock on y’all!