In late October I bought my first harp, a Easttop008k and I’ve become obsessed with playing harmonica
A couple of weeks ago I bought a Lee Oskar, also in C, trying to upgrade my game. I find the Easttop easier to play (including single notes). Am I missing something?


It may be the Oskar needs a little tweaking or you also may prefer a sandwich over a recessed harp. I’m finding most harps need a setup but the Eastop is more consistently setup. Also depends on if you’re new or seasoned player with a lot of bends or runs. In any case, bottom line I think they’re both good harps. I prefer the lip and mustache feel of the recessed style.


I am not very experienced but i find they’re all different. I just bought a new cheaper harp called a major boy. Easy to single note but I can’t bend on it.
I’m glad you’ve caught the disease. You’re in good company. I’m sure the pros here will better answer your question.


Hello @therodes58,
Welcome to our forum. Unfortunately I can’t answer your question because I don’t play any of the models you mentioned.

But I know that some forum users use Easttop and Lee Oskar and you get answers.

Have fun!

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I’m still pretty new myself. I have the EastTop 008K in all 12 keys and two in the C key because I keep one in the truck to practice wherever I may be when I get the chance. I absolutely love them. I like that they’re big and heavy and the holes are larger than my Marine Bands or Special 20s. I also like the metallic blue color and the cool graphic elements on the top cover plate. The tone and bendability seem fine to me (again, lacking a great deal of experience) and they seem to be durable as heck. I think I only paid like $137 for the whole set (including case) – one of the best purchases I’ve ever made in any category.


Welcome to the forum and community. I own both and the Eastop is just a higher quality harmonica for the price. The Lee Oscar has issues with sealing and reed gap. Making it difficult to play and bend until your skill level meets it. Spending $100+ on a $35 harp for tuning and embossing is out of the question for most. Especially when you can get a Rocket, Special 20, or Marine band for around $50. Stepping up to one of those from a LO will be a gamechanger.

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I have both and wasn’t able to bend until received my 008K


@therodes58 you’re definitely not the only one who feels this way. I don’t notice a difference on bendability and responsiveness, but I prefer the Lee Oskar for tone as the 008k is a little bit tinny to my ear. Still, for the money East Top harps are second to none, in my opinion.