"F" Harmonica, which to buy?

Hello, I bought awhile back the Hohner “Special 20” case which had C,D,G,A,E… I am wanting to play “Long Way Home”, by Supertramp, in the correct key, which everything I have read its in a key of “F”. Any suggestions on which “F” Harmonica to buy. Should I just stick with the Hohners? or try another brand?

Thanks, Starr


@Trikots, you have E? Here Tabs for E.
Many greetings from Astrid from Germany

Yes I have an “E”. I will practice this. A big Thank you from Texas!

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Hi Starr @Jerseys1,

The exact harp that would be best depends on how well you play. A song in F can be played on a harp that is in the key of F (in 1st position), but it might also be played in 2nd position on a harp that is in the key of Bb, or on a harp in the key of C played in 12th position (to name a few possibilities). It is additionally important to know if that is a song in F Major or F minor. Also some of the chord changes that are used are frequently important to know as well, especially if it is not a simple blues progression.

– Slim

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Slim, Thank you for this information. I really like this song. “Long Way Home” by Supertramp. Well, more honestly my husband loves this song and asked me if I have tried it. I told him I haven’t. but I secretly would really like to get this song down really good and maybe surprise him one day with it. So I just was trying to get a true reading on what key is being played on the harmonica in this video. https://youtu.be/YLP0y-X4uYs Thank you again, for your input. Starr

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the song on the harp is really great too. But also very difficult, nevertheless worthwhile.

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