F on 2 draw

Can’t hit the F on 2 draw to save my life. Any suggestions?

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most problems with -2 are because tongue is raised in the back of the mouth like it is when we say “kk” and/or the jaw is not dropped (teeth are too close together.)

Drop jaw in “aw” vowel shape, totally relaxed, not tension, with back of tongue lowered like it does when you yawn.

Finally, don’t draw too hard. Just a nice consistent airflow does the trick.

Hope that helps! LMK how it goes.



So, I have been off distracted learning to tongue block. Now trying to bend and tongue block and starting to get it but it is a slow work. I had no problems learning to bend while puckering exception of hitting F as described here.

Interstingly enough now that I have been working the ‘blocking’ bends I cam back to pucker and have no problems with this at all. Weird… I guess block bending somehow helped crack the case!


It’s always cool when learning new technique has some tangential benefit we never woulda guessed like your story about bending here.

No doubt bending while tongue blocking is WAY HARDER to learn than lip blocking (another reason why lipping is better for most beginners to learn first.)

Rock on,