Fender Champion 20 Amp

I recently purchased an amp and a Hohner harpblaster. I am new to all of this. I realize that most information on amp settings are geared toward guitarists. Any tips on settings for playing the blues?
Thanks, Spring


Hey Spring - congrats on the purchase. Hows it going? I’ve never played through one of those, but glancing at the manual here’s my tips:

If it’s feeding back on you (high shrill squeals) turn down the treble and/or gain down a bit.

To get a grittier tone, turn gain up and turn volume down. (Gain controls how overdriven it is, volume control overall level.)

On your “Voice” nob I would just scroll through #1-#8 and see which one sounds best. All of those models that it’s emulating 1-8 could potentially be a great harp amp so just play with that and see what you think sounds best. The indicator light next to it changes each time you go to a new one.

The most common effects used by Harp players would be #4 on your EFX knob, the Spring Reverb, and #8 the Slap Delay (delay with very short time.)

But who knows maybe #3 reverb sounds better to you, and then you can play with how much reverb you wants. Probably some setting under 5.

Feel free to post a private vid to YouTube and share the link here in the forum of how it’s sounding and I could give you some more useful info.

Rock on,


Wow! Thanks Luke, exactly the help I needed. Really needed a place to start. This is a great forum.