Found a C.A. Seydel Söhne Little Bandmaster Harmonica

Hello everyone. I was going through some of my dad’s boxes looking for a picture. Loose in the box was this tiny harmonica. This was the best I could do with my phone. I know nothing about it. I have never seen one before. A bit of harmonica history perhaps?


Hello @BlindFarmer,

wow, you found a treasure there :clap:!
This harp is the so-called “Boomerang”.

On Ebay, this model is traded around 50 €.
The classics among the Seydel instruments, which have had a lasting influence on the development of the industry, are the Bandmaster brand made in the 1920s and the Boomerang made in the 1930s.


I have no idea where the harmonica came from. I am curious of its age. My dad never played the harmonica. When he died, I got his three instruments. A 1979 Kay Mand10 mandolin, 1965-1966 Mosrite Dobro, and his 1953 Gibson J50 guitar. Dad was never a pro musician, he was the couch strummer or play with friends for fun.