I am SOOOO frustrated right now!!! I thought the single not thing would come a bit easier since I understood and executed the technique fairly quickly. But, man, it plum evades me…to the point where I just have to walk away and try to get out of the bad mood it put me in! I know, I know…I can hear Luke saying, “Be patient, it takes time, don’t get frustrated, this is supposed to be fun!” I’m trying, Luke…but sometimes…


Doesn’t sound like your doing the B to B course. After I finished the single note module, I had to go back and check out chords. Octave splits were making me super frustrated so I feel your pain. Search for different suggestions. Try for a few minutes, a couple times a day. This is not rocket science and you can do this. It only takes relaxed, fun loving, fearless determination.


Thanks, Rich…I AM taking the B to B course! I know I’ll get over it and it will come in time, because as frustrated as I get, I can’t wait to play again and kick its behind! Lovin’ this little harpoon.


One of the many beautiful things about being a musician (and you are a musician just by picking up an instrument) is that you are continuously given the choice of being frustrated by the uphill battle - that will always be some part of the process - or understanding the importance of experiencing joy in that process instead. Isn’t that what attracted you? Enjoy the feel and. the sound of two notes and when it becomes one note, enjoy that. But I think you understand all this. I’m just letting you know you are right. :slight_smile:


@jackcardone28 Sorry I missed this. Hopefully you’re back on top and rising now. But, LOL we’ve ALL BEEN THERE! And we all get low sometimes no matter what.

@Corky_Music you’re the best! Thank you for gracing us with your wisdom and experience! :pray:t3:


Can you curl your tongue? If so, slight curl move harmonica (see embouchure) near and suck or draw, feel the air tunnel thru your tongue as it approaches or retreats from each hole. 1234 hole draw is the I chord (second position) and 1234 blow is the IV chord and 456 draw is V chord. and from there try to sound each hole.

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How’s it coming along @jackcardone28?

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Don’t do tongue blocking till never, Curl your tongue, feel the air being driven to the right hole. If you can’t curl tongue, push it down to the lower part of your jaw, best you can to force sides of tongue to go up, try to tunnel your air, also play quietly, you don’t need to be on 11 all the time, Feel the reed, be the reed, also it helps if you have a small table top tuner, this will tell you where your note is you want to find. Find a chart for a layout of whatever key harmonica you use. Also learn where I, IV, V chords are for whatever position you plan to play, usually, 1st, 2nd or 3rd.

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Just wait until you get single notes and keep practicing. You will have to re-learn how to do chords :melting_face: