Give back! Pass it along

This last week I was at a leadership summit with a lot of important folk. After the second long day I was sitting at the bar. Along comes a young man and we had some drinks and discussions around music. Turns out he tried the harp and gave up, single notes were too hard. I talked to him about an hour and a half about things like when I was his age… etc… Gave him my card and told him it can be done if he practices and with his travel schedule its a great instrument (just don’t run it through the airport scanner). He emailed this morning wanting to know how he should start. I wrote up a message that I wish I had when I started, it would have saved me months.

Listen to learn, learn to feel, feel then play! Don’t just play…this is a lesson I learned recently.

That is what life is all about. Pass it along!


Great lesson Eric. :+1: