Happy easter what you doin

Hi everyone. Hope you are all having a break and doing whatever you like to do at easter. I used to always go camping but shit happens things change. I just spent a few hours on the worlds best beach! City beach Perth , listening to a great band called Junkadelic before a quick swim in the warm indian ocean. We watched the sunset. My American friend told me to listen to this for a bit of fun on the drive home so I thought I’d post it. https://youtu.be/tsBPyEUYTXE?si=tsC9RNY0YqwMol8Q


Good old City Beach, I spent many of my formative years there. World standard for sure. I don’t need to go far, my current profile pic was taken from my lounge room window, in Mandurah. So, staying home for easter but starting to plan a road trip to Walpole to walk through the ‘Valley of the Giants’ forest. Aren’t we lucky to live in this part of the world?


Hello @toogdog and I wish you all here a happy Easter too.
Thank you @toogdog, “Easter Bunny Boogie” is good and the title fits :blush:.

Spring is slowly beginning here, the weather is still a bit mixed for me. But tomorrow it should be so that I can go for a short ride on my handbike. First, get out of the big city, up the mountain in nature with a beautiful view of the valley with lots of forest. Maybe the horses are already in the paddock? Look for butterflies and listen to the birds chirping. Then down into the valley and along the big river to the big lake. A few excursion boats sail there at Easter. Sailboats will also be on display.

Regards from Astrid :woman_in_lotus_position:




As long as you are asking: We are on our sailboat SV-Afterglow.com cruising the Exuma Island chain in the Bahamas. I spent Easter Evening jamming with a guitarist from the US and a percussionist from Brazil


Omg. Cool. So cool.