Happy Harpin' by JP Allen

Has anyone done this course? If so, how do you think it compares to BtoB?

Thanks in advance, Barry


I took (am taking) both. They are two different people with two different approaches. They are both guys that make you happy to be learning from them. Both mainly teach the deep mouth method for single notes. The both teach bending but they do it a little differently. Both helped me in different ways… JP uses a white board to write on. Very low tech. Basically unedited. Makes you feel you are in his family room with him having a conversation,. While Luke’s course is high tech. It appears to be a studio. The music appears on the screen. He has hyper links that you can watch for examples. Edited I took Luke;s cause last. I’d be happy to meet both go them.


Hi @pastorbk Barry
Yes i have done the course. The course is directed more at understanding the 12 bar Blues format so you can build your own songs. It focuses on many blues techniques that you need to know to help your blues sound. I also found that it was a good pathway to helping you improvise which is very necessary in you playing your own unique way. Bottom line is if you are growing, to me its worth the money! :call_me_hand: :call_me_hand:


Thanks for the info. fallonsteve