Harmo Harmonicas and Accessories

I was looking for some lip lube that might provide more longer lasting lubrication than Carmex, Blistex or Chap Stick type of lip protector and found this place, https://harmo.com/ so wondering if anyone has ordered anything from them? They are in Idaho and also sell Harmo Harmonica’s (which I have never heard of before) and they assemble, tune, custom build (assemble) then in the USA. The parts however come from China but they don’t try to hide the fact or try to make it look like they are 100% American made. They also have 3D stickers but doesn’t appear they are “glow in the dark” type.

If anyone has any input on the company, sure would appreciate it.

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I’ve heard people talk about their harmo harmonicas and they seem to love them! I think it’s a legit company. Hope that helps.


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