Harmonica Bend Overblow

Do I need to adjust reeds to Bend and overblow on Diatonic/Chromatic Harmonica?

  1. Do I need to adjust reeds to bends on eastop 1248nv harmonica?

  2. do I need to adjust reeds Bend and overblow on Diatonic Eastop t008 harmonica?


Welcome aboard @Clock!

I am too much of a newb to be helpful, but just wanted to say welcome to the forum. I’m sure some folks who actually know something will chime in soon.


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Hi @Clock,

It is impossible for anyone to give an answer to your question 3:

without actually seeing it or seeing a photo of it that clearly shows the reed gaps. This usually requires taking the harp apart and making close-up photos with a special lens on the camera for close-up pictures. That would need to be done for each reed. Without such information how would anyone know anything about the reed gaps that exist in your harp? The gaps might be perfect or they might be horrible.

A typical diatonic harp that has just been purchased has almost always reed gaps that permit most draw and blow bends. This is not often the case for overblow bends, but some new harps also permit that – assuming the player has already learned the proper technique.

How long have you been playing and how long have you been attempting to do bends of any sort (draw, blow or overblow)?

This also applies to your other question (if the 1248nv is a diatonic harmonica and not a chromatic).

– Slim


Hallo @Slim,
ich hatte auf deine erfahrene Antwort gehofft und sie prompt bekommen.
Beim Lesen der Frage dachte ich, wie an allen Mundharmonikas herum basteln, auch bei einer chromatischen?
Wie schwierig Overblows zu spielen sind und wie lange man braucht, um diese jemals zu lernen, habe ich inzwischen hier gelernt. Aber Draws und Bending? Sollte doch ohne umfassende Probleme der Harmonicas und ALLER Stimmzungen möglich sein?
Ich dachte auch sofort, ob es nicht am Spieler und fehlender Technik liegt?
Viele Grüße von Astrid

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Hey @clock - welcome to the forum! Glad to have you here. The best answer I can give you is probably, yes! MOST harmonicas require closer gapping than how they arrive from the factory.

The only harmonica I have that I could overblow out of the box is my Hohner Crossover.

@Slim asks a lot of great questions. I don’t recommend worrying about overblows until you have mastered all of your draw bends and blow bends.

Hope that helps!

Rock on,