Harmonica Fam - My rendition of Stand By Your Man (albeit with mistakes)

I hadn’t played this song for a while and had sort of forgotten about it, when I realized I won’t be able to play much after the 27th of January, since I am moving to Finland on that day. So here’s a quick cover of the song. The original is in A, I played it in G.
With a lot of stage fright -hahaha :sweat_smile:

Stand By Your Man (Tammy Wynette) Harmonica cover (sorry for the mistakes) - YouTube


Hello @Vibe,
I’ll give you a Like on Youtube!
Just for daring to play it in public. That gives self-confidence and then it doesn’t have to be professional! The beginning has been made and you can build on it!

Greetings from Astrid :woman_in_lotus_position: and a good start in Finland! :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you @AstridHandbikebee63 :slight_smile:


Wow. You’re really brave. I couldn’t do that. Well done. Hope you enjoy Finland. It sounds beautiful. Nita


Thank you @toogdog :slight_smile:


@Vibe I LOVE this and applaud you for posting it. Very well done :clap:t3:. I don’t hear mistakes. I hear the melody as clear as a bell.

Why can’t you play in Finland??? They will LOVE it!! I’ve heard Finland is a GREAT place to live by the way. Rock on,


Thank you @Luke :slight_smile:

I will be living in a tight space with my boyfriend for the time being, in an apartment complex, and I don’t wanna disturb the neighbors hahaha :sweat_smile:
I do plan on bringing my harps with me tho, so maybe I can find a place to play :smile:

and yes Finland is an amazing and beautiful country. I move there on next friday :slight_smile:


Hey, Vibe @Vibe !

Be cautious when playing your harp outdoors at temperatures below about 12-15° C because the reeds become more brittle at lower temperatures and can then, of course, break more easily. What you can do is try to warm it up by gently exhaling through the holes for a while to warm them up before playing. Bending is particularly dangerous for cold reeds unless you are skilled and can bend without using a lot force (you actually should be able to bend with little force and at low volume).

Have a good trip.

– Slim :sunglasses:


Hi @Slim :slight_smile:

Thank you for the advice! I wasn’t actually aware that low temperatures could affect the reeds, but it makes sense. I will be careful if I’m playing outside :slight_smile: