Harmonica Makes You More Attractive (*Results May Vary)

Hey @Luke i didn’t know you could dance like that brother. Your wife is amazing :sunglasses:

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That’s great Dave. When I told my partner about my recent spending spree, a huge smile crossed her face and she told me how happy she was that I spent money on MYSELF. Sometimes times the same planet, different worlds thing is bang on. Have fun man

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You are one sick little puppy.
I love it.
I have my organ in my mouth at the moment, I should probably stop, find a harp and practice. I hate the flavour of these Hammond’s anyway :joy:


Oh yes, @stonestone63. And that’s a good thing! :joy:


Glad to see I am in good company @stonestone63 :sunglasses::+1:

As to my experience so far with our beloved HARP, I have found it much easier to play with myself.

Playing with others isn’t so easy for me, yet. But playing with myself is quite satisfying nonetheless :wink:

Any rhythm or key will do when it’s just me or you; but when two or more come together in unity and beat together at the same time with the same rhyme, they make magic together :footprints: :notes: :sunglasses:

Tough to make that happen solo :joy:, so I’ll keep practicing :v:


@HarpinBobbyMcB, dude. I think I have a new man crush. :joy: nice to meat you. If it feels good do it. If it doesn’t feel good, try changing position or something.
Take care of yourself!!! :joy:


My sentiments exactly but with an addition to what you say:

If it feels real good, do it a lot!

This is what keeps me harpin’ just about most of the time, often to the chagrin of those around me :joy:

:notes: :sunglasses: :notes: :+1:


I’m not sure if doing it a lot is always the best advice. I had to have a shoulder reconstruction when I was thirty.

When there I was, worrying about my eyesight.


Life is full of surprises!

What we once thought would never be is now a reality, and what we thought was a forever thing is now but a memory.

The other day I strained my arm while moving a heavy plant and much to my chagrin my arm hurt just holding my harp up to play. While my temporary handicap pales in comparison to what others here on this forum face everyday, it made me stop and think about how lucky I am.

Fortunately, I have another arm and the strain is working itself out, so I’ve been able to keep playing despite my temporary setback.

Sometimes we don’t realize how fortunate we are until we are tested and able to successfully rise to the challenge of life’s obstacles.

Harp on :notes::sunglasses::+1:


That’s a great perspective @HarpinBobbyMcB and a wise observation.

Always tell myself to appreciate feeling well rather than taking it for granted every time I have a cold/flu, though in inevitably you forget soon after.
Reminding outselves of everything we have to be grateful for can help us improve our internal landscape.

Appreciate the prompt, thanks!!


@HarpinBobbyMcB, wise words with great gratitude! I hope your arm is okay? Get well soon! :slightly_smiling_face:


Yep attractive wife
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