Harmonica Man (short film w/harp by Joe Filisko)

Here is a short film called Harmonica Man. It’s about 20 minutes long.

There’s very little dialog in it. The general plot is dark. It definitely was emotionally impactful on me, and all of the harmonica playing in it is just absolutely fantastic, and is actually performed by Joe Filisko (and is pretending to be played by the actor on screen.) Joe Filisko is a master of the harmonica, and has been my personal mentor in recent years, especially in the area of tongue blocking.

The film definitely tugged on my heartstrings. Parts were painful to watch. The harmonica playing is soooo rich.

Anyways, I thought you might enjoy checking it out…


Danke für das Bekanntgeben, Luke. Wirklich ans Herz gehend. So spielt man, um den Schmerz im Körper raus zu lassen! Ein Video und Harmonika - Spiel, um länger darüber nachzudenken. Beste Grüße Astrid

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“This is how you let the pain out in your body.” I like that Astrid! Joe Filisko’s playing on this film is amazing. I was asking him about his process a bit and he said he wished the film wasn’t so dark. I pointed out that the ending does leave the door open for the possibility of redemption. Anyways, glad you enjoyed!

Rock on,

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Hallo @Luke, das freut mich sehr und dass du mich verstehst. :blush:
Beste Grüße Astrid

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