Harmonica setup

Looking for any advice I can. I am pulling together a harmonica bench. In the centre I have ASD and love it. I also use YouTube music but am open to change. I have VLC to convert from mp4 to mp3 but again am open to change. Spotify is no longer linked with ASD. iTunes seems to be owned by apple who have somewhat limited tunes compared to YouTube and I am a late joined member of iTunes with a pc so limited functionality. Currently looking at audacity for recording.
Any suggestions to get a good functional platform for slow down, conversion to mp3 for ASD input plus recording and playback would be appreciated. I am not looking for anything professional, just a retired senior having fun.


@craiginker I’m trying to understand what your after?
I use Transcribe! to slow down YouTube vids. (I have a software called Airy by Altima that downloads YT vids, but I’m on a Mac.)

But it seems like since you’re liking ASD it’s better to just stick with that. Goal is to minimize the visibility of the technology so you can focus more on the music.

Audacity is fine for recording, but you could also just record yourself on a smartphone - it’s amazing how good audio they’re capturing these days!

Hope that helps!