Harp (Blues Harmonica) ♂ ♀ Galaxy playlist on Spotify

Having finally retired, I have now time to investigate all aspects of music I like but despite having over 700 CD’s I realised I would never be able to listen to many historical recordings.

So using Spotify music bank, I started a playlist of my favourite harmonica tracks in 2018 which I have currently updated to over 1500 tracks or nearly 100 hours
covering (hopefully) every harmonica players and tracks I could find in mainly Blues, but also Rock, Jazz, Country, Film & some Pop songs :
“Harp (Blues Harmonica) ♂ ♀ Galaxy”

hopefully here is my specialist playlist of Women harmonica players as complete as possible:
“Harp ♀ (Blues Harmonica) Women”

I am spending hours updating my playlists of Harmonica players and tracks, always favouring the harp/instrumental tracks when available, using internet info from many sources including searches on Spotify itself

Hopefully anyone can use Spotify free (with occasional 30 sec. adverts)

Enjoy! Alan


Thanks. I got fed up looking through pages & pages of Guggel lists or Youtomb’s links of harp songs. Even http://worldofharmonica.blogspot.com/ “World Of Harmonica a compendium featuring over 2000 Players” is difficult to browse or search. Having said that I have used it in my searches together with https://www.modernbluesharmonica.com/blues_harp_links.html

So, although I know many artists do not like Sprofity much, I think at least with Spotfy, they get some-although-minimal remuneration. I am trying to set-up a facebook page for people to suggest addition & removals from my (compendium/encyclopedia) “Harp … Galaxy” playlist.
(Note: Talking of Spotfy, unfortunately Rachelle Plas’ harp music has completely disappeared since last month??)


To cheer up JP, as some kind of moral booster I tried but was only able to find just one “J.P. Allen” track “Tooth Fight” to add to this encyclopaedia/compendium “Harp (Blues Harmonica) ♂ ♀ Galaxy”
Still with 1700 tracks or 108 hours or 4.5 days, this could be useful for anyone stuck on a hospital bed to pass the time :slight_smile:
Alan AKA Natalyns


Alan - I’m like 15 or 20 deep on your first playlist and have discovered SEVERAL songs that I absolutely LOVE and had never heard before. Thank you so much for creating these. I’m really looking forward to checking out the harmonica women one as well!

You are the man. I really appreciate all your time and effort, and sharing these with us.


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Right on Alan. This song is SO PUNK ROCK!
Rock on my friend.

Hi Luke
Oops from what you are saying I probably should stop adding/re-arranging the top of my playlist or you may no longer find the tracks you just listened to…

The “Harp (Blues Harmonica) ♂ ♀ Galaxy” is currently built as follows:-
172 :heart: ( 1-172 ) Was my top 100 tracks (Variable order as I add/move)
190 ♀ (173-363 ) Women Harp players (Female Artist Name order)
1,350 (364-1714) Harp Encyclopaedia (Track Name order)

Now I have the time (retired) I’ve got to stop spending hour trawling though 1000’s of harmonica tracks & start playing my harmonicas & guitars I haven’t really touched for years :slight_smile: (Still it’s a luxury as during years of working I never really had time to listen to & enjoy so much music as I did in my teens)

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