Harp respect

I call people who dont play music normal people. Dont get me wrong, im not putting down either them or us. Its just that normal people do not break music apart, analyze it then put it back together. Ive sald to a normal person thats a really good bas part and they have no idea what you are talking about. I love normal people! They make up the majority of the audience and yall know how much we love audiences. At church i play bass in our praise band and many normal persons have told me how much they enjoy me playing my guitar. We musicians would call it a bass. Normal people dont know the difference! I love normal people and musicians as well.
That having been said i dont think normal people in general respect the harmonica as a serious musical instrument. I think they think of it as a toy like a kazoo or one of those slide toy flutes. They dont understand the challenge it is and the work that goes into it. I knew nothing about bending and how important that is if you really want to play good harmonica music.
That brings me to this, i want to learn more techniques, what other keys along with the natural key of the harp can be played in. More licks, more licks, and more licks.
I am currently rambling; going from one video to the next. I can play many songs and im getting better at isolating single notes. I know a good bit of music theory so i dont need a beginners introduction to that.
Should i take Luke’s btb course or would anyone suggest another course i might take?


Hey Paul - good stuff man! I have a friend named Russ McKinnon who’s a drummer and has toured with Joe Cocker, Tower of Power, and Barry Manilow, and his term for “normal people” is “pedestrians.” I think that’s so funny, and I’ve adopted it as well.

Yes, agreed, we LOVE pedestrians! Without THEM, what are we even doing???

Cool that you play bass at church. I also play bass for the church group that I lead!

It sounds to me like you’re a PERFECT candidate for Beginner to Boss. (But, of course, I’M not the person you wanna hear THAT from! :rofl:)

There is a money back guarantee though, so you could try it out risk free if you want to, cos you can always get your money back if you don’t dig it.

I did design it with people like you in mind, where even on the easy lessons I tried to always layer something in for intermediate folks to get to chew on. And it doesn’t cover 3rd and 4th (minor) positions (in addition to 1st and 2nd position. That my 2 cents for what it’s worth! :man_shrugging:

Another route you could go is taking private lessons with Tod Parrot. He’s super affordable!! Just ask @KeroroRinChou!


If you are only getter better at and not nailing single notes then definitely do the btb course. It is all about the playing and only touches on theory. When he does get into theory its usually a brief discussion of the issue for those who already understand theory rather than a lesson in theory. The course is technique based. You should get through it quite quickly. I am progressing slowly partly because I work full-time and also study other things. I really enjoy the course. Its not like some that teach silly little tricks to get you playing it’s a serious set of instructions.
Hope this helps.


Personally as a near pedestrian, I think we appreciate harmonica 1,000 times more than most lead guitarist.

Being a beginner, Luke’s course far exceeded my expectations. It took me farther, faster than I could have hoped. It was FUN. I know what I need to work on to reach the next level but I sure miss the hand holding and encouragement the course offered. If I was to perfect the techniques he introduced, I would be a solid intermediate I’m sure, maybe even boss. I will continue to revisit the course as I progress. It was a great investment.


Wow ! You’ve hit the nail on the head. I’ve noticed exactly the same. Especially when i talk to my wife about a song i may like, all i get from her is "i don’t know what you mean ? "


Thanks for the mention, @Luke. If you want to learn more techniques but you’re tired of watching Youtube videos over and over again, give my friend Todd Parrott a shot. I’m a student of his and I can testify from the bottom of my heart that he’s one of the most patient and kindest souls on the planet. I’ve been working with him since July of last year and he has helped me reach new heights as a harmonica player. Did I mention that he’s an amazing musician as well? I think I didn’t, but he is one hell of a harmonicist.