Harp Styles of Bob Dylan

I didn’t realize that there’s a whole book called Harp Styles of Bob Dylan.

Thought I"d share it here, as well as start a thread where people can ask about or share anything related to Bob Dylan harmonica.

As you may know, I. do teach Mr. Tambourine Man in my Beginner to Boss course.

Who wants to talk Bob?


I love Bob (hence the first half of my name and avatar) – especially the 70s/Rolling Thunder Revue era. Listening to him really got me interested in harmonica but after playing a while and doing some research the consensus seems to be he’s actually not that good :joy:

I’d still like to cut my teeth on some of his songs though while trying to get more skilled in the blues style (hence the second part of my name). Anyway I can talk Dylan all day.


What’s your favorite harmonica song of his?

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Oh man so hard to say. He really just kind of accentuates his songs with it IMO. I mean you could throw a dart at his 60s catalog. For example: Don’t Think Twice or Corrina, Corrina. I like the way he does some outros, too. Like: Tangled up in Blue and Hurricane. But I think the song I actually want to learn right now is probably Isis. He plays through most of the song and it doesn’t sound too intimidating (unless I’m really missing something :grimacing:).


I can’t believe how stupid I can be: yesterday I read this post, examined the photo of the cover, etc – but only just now did I notice that the title is NOT The Hair Styles of Bob Dylan !! :face_with_spiral_eyes:

What is even stranger is that I did not really find that title to be so odd … :crazy_face:

So today I was reading the post by @hwy61xroads and I thought, "That’s weird: @Luke changed the title of the thread from Hair Styles to Harp Styles … but when I looked at the cover photo again … :boom: :exploding_head:


– Slim :poop:


Thanks for the giggles Slim. It was well timed :grin:


@Slim, :eyeglasses:? :smiley: Very good :joy:! I am not alone :+1:!


I was never much into Bob, though my shop teacher in high school was, so I was exposed. It always seemed like he was in pain when he sang.

With that said, I do have a new appreciation of him, not because of his harmonica skills which seem average compared to others, but because now as I listen to him, I find he actually has something to say in the process.

Rock on Bob :notes::star2:


Based on the reviews of the book on Amazon, a book about his hairstyles might actually be a winner!

Would have been apropos back in the day when I had some hair, or more of it anyway, now likely wouldn’t do me much good :joy:


Then why are you called HairpinBobby?


I wasn’t really a fan of Bob Dylan. I couldn’t understand what he was saying most of the time. My exposure to Bob Dylan came from his songwriting, which he is an amazing poet, and people covering his songs like Guns and Roses singing “Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door” or Garth Brooks singing “To Make You Feel My Love”. I like his playing on the original version of “All Along the Watchtower”, it’s so beautiful. Also if you’re a country fan, two of the famous Charlies in country music (McCoy and Daniels) have played for Dylan many times.


I’m a Bobby from a different era I suppose. I’m much more of a Rock and Roller than a Protest Singer…

As you say though @stonestone63, his song writing talents are pretty incredible!

I didn’t realize so many different people in different genres have covered his songs.

I think I’ll have to listen to some Bob today just for old time’s sake :notes: :blush:


Buahaha! OMG you had me cracking up hard with this post @Slim! Thanks man! :rofl:

I never really thought about it, but he has had nice hair style over the years! :wink:


This thread is fun. My dad was a huge Bob Dylan fan. I didn’t hate it but it kinda sucked back then hearing it on repeat. I knew he played and played very well 40+ years before I picked up a harp… Practicing his style and his songs is very fun and challenging. Thanks Luke!


Trying to find the chords for Forever Young. Anybody have a clue?

Hello @jackschoretennis,
simply enter this exact question “Chords Forever Young Harp” into your browser’s search bar. You will find numerous hits.

Regards from Astrid :woman_in_lotus_position: