Harp Tab Working Man - Newbie

Hi there I am a newbie and have Hohner harmonicas in the keys of C, D and G. I have been searching for a tab for the song Working Man in C written by the late Rita Maclean, Does anyone knew where such a tab exists or how I can construct one?
Any help would be appreciated. Thank you


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Thank you Toogdog. I did find this one but thought it too high. Following your message I have transposed the tab to play in the middle notes but have a double bend for the A on hole 3 draw. Well thats one way of making me practise bends. Is this another position on the harp? Cheers.


Hey @SteveMika welcome to the forum my friend. The notes on the tabs @toogdog sent you are too high even on your G harmonica? That should be an acceptable range?

Everybody struggles with high notes, ESPECIALLY at the beginning.:ok_hand:t3: -7, -8 are the most frequent ones that REALLY trip people up, but anything above 6 can prove problematic!

These are the tips for a getting good clean high notes.

1.) Let gravity lower your jaw so that it’s totally relaxed and in a nice “aw” vowel shape, your teeth should be far apart from each other

2.) Keep the back of your tongue down, like it is when you yawn. Make sure it’s not in the “Kk” zone (how your tongue is when you say a “Kk” consonant.)

3.) Nice steady, GENTLE, airflow. Most beginners (and many intermediate and advanced players) use WAY to much pressure.

Hope that helps! :sunglasses:



Thanks very much Luke for your advice. I have had some success with using my 12 hole Chromatic harmonica rather than a C Diatonic. I will continue with the Chromatic for this song although its like holding a railway sleeper in your mouth compared to the 10 hole diatonic.


I want to ask while you are on the topic - Are the top end holes on an F harp normally hard to play/take a ton of air?

I just got a Special 20 in F, and it seems like it takes a lot of work to play notes above hole 6. I had a Easttop TK008 that didn’t seem like this previously…if I remember right.

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Hi Luke, I don’t have an F harp to try the high notes. I have moved to the Chromatic key of C for ‘Working Man’ as I do not have to worry about clean bending hole 3 if I use a C diatonic. The discussion on blowing and drawing holes 7 - 10 is interesting. I also play the Titanic theme on the C diatonic predominantly using holes 7, 8 and occasionaly hole 9. I blow and draw these holes quite easily, thank goodness.

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Hello @Dk360, I play a Hohner Marine Band Thunderbird in the key of F and have no problems in the high notes either. The harp has a light wooden comb and is overall very delicately constructed with small hole spacing.
I like playing this harp.

Regards from Astrid :woman_in_lotus_position:


Very interesting. I wonder if I got a dud?

Either way, those notes aren’t all that pleasant to hit anyways :slight_smile:

Hows the Thunderbird treating you? I wasn’t going to get a Sp20 after blowing out a Blues Band in 2 weeks, but I figured that wasn’t a fair comparison!

Seydel makes some really nice playing and sounding harps.

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@Dk360, I am very happy with this F - Harp.
My Special 20 in C doesn’t cause any problems either. Even if you can’t compare the two models.
Of course I use the key of F much less. The upper notes are easy to tolerate if you play them with feeling and adjusted air. When I play the full program, of course it hurts my ears!
A harp also has feelings… It is “the” harp and wants to be treated accordingly :rofl::wink:. The “die” is better understood in the German language, for us it stands for female, she is a Lady, you understand? :smiley:

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Hi @Dk360

It sounds to me that you are playing with too much force and that can cause problems also on the high end notes of harps in those higher keys (D, Eb, E, F).

– Slim :sunglasses:


Hello @Slim,
that’s how I see it too! Manpower is not always suitable :blush:.

Have a nice weekend and best regards to you

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Hey! I was a newbie then…whadda ya expect:)


Makes sense