Harp Tabs for Grazing in the Grass

Hey Luke, I’ve been trying to get the tabs for Grazing in the Grass. Can you help? Song by Hugh Masekela 1968.

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Hey Kyoda - Great song!!! Ooh that’s a tough one. It’s in F and if you play it on a Bb harp in 2nd position, it would require an overblow, and you’d just have to slide up into the first -7 note for the grace note:

-7 -8 (6) -6 6 5 -4 -3’ -3" -2

Or you could start it down the octave

-3’ -3 -4 -3’ -3" -2 2 1 but then you’d have to do an octave displacement on the last 3 notes and jump back up to -3’ -3" -2.

Unless you had one of Brendan Power’s Lucky 13 harps, and then you’d have the extra notes you need to finish the line down low. Kinda makes me want to buy a Bb Lucky 13! (I haven’t tried one of those yet, btw but a couple guys on here have 'em and like 'em!)

I’m under the weather right now, but when I get to feeling better, I’ll keep working on this for you and see if I can find an elegant solution! Great tune!

Rock on,

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Hope you get better soon, @Luke :point_left:

I have a Lucky 13 Bb harp and it sounds great, but the lowest register (the “added” holes compared to a standard 10-hole blues harp) can be quite difficult to bend and you may need to adjust the gaps down there to make things easier. But use care!! The reeds down there can break rather easily when you are working on their shape/gap. I broke one on a Lucky 13 C harp :cry:

Get well soon,

– Slim