Harp Tabs for "Modern Day Bonnie and Clyde" by Travis Tritt

Hello Harmonica World,

Does anyone have the Modern Day Bonnie and Clyde (Travis Tritt) harmonica part? I’m not sure which harmonica to use either…



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Hey JP - welcome to the forum! That song is in the key of D, and is played in 2nd position on a standard G harmonica.

There’s a lot of the -4’ -4 -4’ -3’ -2 thing going on, which I refer to as “the answer” phrase in this video.

The main riff that’s happening with the guitar (and sounds like harmonica could be doubling it) is -2" -2 -3’ -2 -2" -2

Takes a really big moment at the back of the mouth to get that -2 to bend down a whole step on the G harmonica.

Hope that helps!

Rock on,