Heat of the Night theme


Anyone know the tabs for the Heat of the Night closing credits?Awesome harmonica during the closing credits… Would love to learn to play this. Thanks - Don


Hey @tmdmjones welcome to the forum my friend! Great harmonica indeed! If I had to guess, I’d bet that’s Terry McMillan - it sure sounds like him. Maybe @KeroroRinChou knows for sure if this is him?

Most of this is played on an Eb harmonica, in 2nd position, key of Bb. The first note he does a real fast bend so I notated it as -2" -2, but you could just play it as -2 instead. Here are the harmonica tabs for Heat of the Night Theme.

-2”-2 -3 5 -4
-4 -4’ -4 -2 -3’ -3 -4
-1 2 -2 -3” -3’ -3” -2 2 -2

Then he changes harmonica for the next line. Not 100% what key he’s playing, but I’d be willing to bet it’s an F harmonica. Certainly can play it easily with his bending and vibrato on an F harmonica:

5 -6 -6’ -6 -6’ -6 7

Then back to Eb harmonica

-1 2 -2 -3’ -3” -2 -3” -2

-2 -3 5 -4 -4 -4’ -3 -2 -3’ -3 -4

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@Luke There was a whole thing on a Facebook harmonica group about this. I never watched the show, so I don’t know who it is. I don’t think it’s Terry though because his tone didn’t have a honk to it and his vibrato is a lot less shallow sounding. If I could make a suggestion, may I say Tommy Morgan? He didn’t play diatonic a whole lot, but he would’ve had that kind of tone. IDK, I need to ask Todd and possibly Rob Paparozzi about it.


@Luke I talked with Todd last night, he confirmed that it is not Terry McMillan. I was looking at one of the show’s credits to see who it is, the guy who did the outro was Bill Champlin. I know absolutely zilch about him.