Help with the key of harmonica

Recently I bought Hohner Special 20 in key of G. Before it I played harmonica in key of c. Now I didnt understand, can I play blues scale and major scale like on C harmonica, or I need to change something? Thanks for help!


Hi @Daniil_Trusov

When you played the C harp in 2nd position you played the blues scale in the key of G. On the G harp, played also in 2nd position, you play exactly the same as you did on the C harp. The only change is that the blues scale would now be in the key of D. :point_left:

This applies to any other positions that you know how to play. For example, 3rd position: on the C harp you get the D minor scale, but on the G harp you would get the A minor scale.

– Slim :sunglasses:


Thanks for the information. Understanding scales is hard :sweat_smile:


@Daniil_Trusov don’t be discouraged! It just takes time for all this stuff to sink in. The main takeaway here is that it’s the same tabs no matter what key harmonica you play, so you don’t have to learn anything new. Yay!! :sunglasses:

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