Hendrix Little Wing On Harp

Which one is your favourite

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@Dai probably the first one or Bruno or Gindick. What about you?

Gindick is at a huge disadvantage cos he’s playing 2 instruments at the same time! (He’s also got a hug advantage cos he’s playing both instruments, lol.)

Curious which one you liked best?

John Gindik, Martin Chemes, Bruno Zolini, [ian lofamia.

Ian Iofomia is coming out on tops at the moment Because it resembles little the most accurate. He’s even playing it on a brand of harp I’ve never heard of harmonica-Golden Bird Harmonicas. Pinoy Harmonica | Facebook

You need to get Alex Paclin to do a version with tabs for Harmonica.com.


AGREED!!! GREAT idea @Dai. Thanks mate. I’ll keep you posted…