Here I Am - Bryan Adams (harmonica part)


I’m a guitar player and I would like to figure out a nice “harmonica lick” for the intro and the instumental parts which is played between the verses in this beautiful song made by Bryan Adams.

Please check out the song here on YT:

The intro and the “instrumental parts” are basically the same. (ex. 00:59)

The song is played in Key of Eb. So I guess I need to buy an Eb harmonica to be able to play it in the original key?

Thank you so much for helping me out :slight_smile:


Welcome. You might need an Ab. You need to read up on harmonica positions. Each harmonica can play more than on key. See chart and read in other posts about circle of 5ths. Good luck. I’m sure the harmonica will add depth to your guitar playing.



How do I make my ‘A’ harp flat? Should I sit on it?:grin:

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Hey @AnimalChiko welcome to the forum!

You are correct about the Eb harmonica, but I would advise buying a Low Eb harmonica (Lee Oskar is the cheapest, or a Hohner Rocket Low or Thunderbird are other great options).

To play it without having to bend, you’ve got to play it in the top octave, and that’s gonna be too shrill on a standard Eb harmonica.

Here’s the tabs:
-6 -7 7 9 8

-8 7 -7 -6

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