Hi im Greg

Hi im Greg and im pretty new here. Im from the uk . And ive never played the harmonica before. My kids got one for christmas and i kept takin it to work and playing around on it before my partner baught me a blues harmonica so i didnt take theirs. Lol (bad dad taking the kids toys) but it made cool sounds. Now ive decided to take some proper guidance. Now im making cool sounds its alot of fun and im always on the road so ut also just fits neatly in my pocket. I cant wait till i can jam along with people and hokd my own hopefully by the end of this i will be able to do just that anyway nice to be here. :v::sunglasses:


Hi Greg @greggore82

Welcome to the forum! If you ever have questions concerning almost anything related to harmonicas then just ask here.

– Slim :sunglasses:


If it sounds good to you, then you are doing something right!

Keep on harpin’


Welcome Greg I’m Dai, from Wales. You’re not there only one here. Sounds like you’re enjoying this journey.


Hi guys. :wave: and Dai i have been sat up at Cefn Coch all day playing my harmonica on top of a sunny mountain :grin::+1::sunglasses:


nice one.

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@greggore82 welcome to the forum my friend! Great stuff. Most portable instruement int the world. Rock on! :sunglasses:

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