History of the Harmonica

Hey guys - I’m kinda fascinated about the history of the harmonica, and I thought it’d be cool to start a thread where we can share things we know or learn, or questions we have about the history of the harmonica.

To start us off, I stumbled upon this movie and watched it last night. Parts are a little bit dry, but I learned a lot about the history of the instrument that gives me a whole new appreciation for it.

LMK what you think! And please share anything about harmonica history!

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I haven’t read it, but Richard Sleigh recommends "Machers and Rockers” by Rich Cohen.
Here’s what Richard said about it: “it is great writing, a real page turner. It nails the language and the feel of Chicago in the fifties and is full of insider info and stories that make the history of how the blues migrated from the Mississippi delta to the south side of Chicago and got plugged into loud amplifiers in sweaty bars to become Rock & Roll”.
I was going to order the book, but when I saw the price, I changed my mind. Ha.