Hohner chromonica 64 vs Suzuki scx64

My easttop died;I like jazz, blues and rock, so which one do you recommend?


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Before I say anything specific about your possible future harmonica, please be a bit more specific: Hohner 64 Chromonica M 280 C is what I assume you mean; Suzuki SCX-64 Chromatix C is what I assume you mean for the alternative. Is this correct?

If those are the models you ask about, then both are very good instruments. The Suzuki is a bit heavier, has a more modern look and costs a bit more here where I live (Germany – current prices are, for the Hohner model, about 198 € and for the Suzuki about 245 €). My personal choice would be the Suzuki – but that is mainly because my favorite musician Filip Jers recommends, reviews and plays a short jazz blues improvisation of that Suzuki model in this video:

If your budget is tight, then I guess the choice would be the Hohner model – and I am sure you can find reviews of it as well.

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Hey @VagTwo2 - I’d recommend the Suzuki. I own one. It’s an amazing instrument. I never play it though. DIATONIC harmonica is THE PEOPLE’S instrument. :wink: It’s better for Rock and Blues in my humble opinion.