Hohner Comet

Does anybody have experience with this model, which has two sets of holes stacked on top of each other? A guy I play some golf with, who’s in his 60s, bought one when he was a kid and never used it and kind of hinted that he’d sell it to me. It looks like the going rate is about $100.

I wouldn’t mind having it, but I don’t want it as a collector’s item to just leave it sitting around for years like he’s done. Are they fun to play? Are there a lot of quirks to playing them?

Any info I can get about them is appreciated.


Hey brah - you can read about them in my article on the 3 types of harmonica:

There’s a jump menu on the left where you can skip down to tremolo harmonica. That’s what it is. Lee Oskar’s Hawaiian harmonica is the only one I’ve played that I like, and it’s way cheaper than $100.

Depends what you want to do. You can’t play blues on it. It sounds more like an accordion. More old-times. All this is in the article. Give it a read and keep us updated what you decide to do…


Thanks, Luke – that was highly illuminating. I think I’ll pass on buying the tremolo since I really want to focus on the blues. I don’t get too much of a charge out of accordion or organ sounds.


Right on @DitchParrot. Glad you liked the article. Rock on. :metal:t3:

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