Hohner Rocket Disassembly - What Screwdriver/s?


Beginner here. I’ve taken a stab at taking apart a Hohner in the past but, while i was able to disassemble it, i stripped the screw heads by using what i thought was a standard phillips head…

I’ve since then been reading about it and understand that the plate covers may be phillips head but the reed plates are pozidriv. However, i do read some conflicting information about it as some people say pozi #0 (50mm) and some say pozi #1 (60mm). While both may work, I would like to confirm once and for all what is the actual most ideal size for this. If I am already buying one screwdriver, which I will not use for any other purpose, might as well get the most ideal one.

Also, for the plate cover screws, what is the ideal # philips I should so everything is done in a textbook manner. I was able to botch even the cover plate philips heads by using what was probably too small and pointy of a phillips screwdriver…

Thanks for your help!


Hello there @Amiroquai

I can’t tell you the exact number, you need, but I’ve had luck with a small multi-tool kit which has several sizes. It just seems to be a matter of finding the one that doesn’t wiggle around too much and fits tightest in the screw hole. Like many things in life, a tight fit seems to work best (lol).

My Hohner Special 20 seems to work best with this bit which says 3.5 on the barrel, but it’s a flat head screw, so that’s not much help:

I had a similar but different problem when I stripped the holes on my Easttop harp. Since I was unable to find any sleeve screws, I ended up getting some twine and wrapped it tightly around each end. This actually works out pretty well to keep the screws tight. I also think it looks pretty cool, but that’s up for dispute. Here’s a picture of the Blue Blazer along with some of her friends.

I think that just as long as the plates are tight together, that probably just about anything could work. May not look too pretty, but I think most of us are interested more about how the harp sounds than how it looks.

This is the “tool kit” I use along with a small piece of wood to tweak the reeds. It all fits inside the pen-like barrel with a screw top and the bits fit into the other end with a magnet.

My numbering system may be different. As I mentioned, I use the V 3.5 flathead for my Hohner Special 20, and it looks like the V 2.0 will work for my new Hohner Golden Melody, which I have yet to open up. I was surprised to see that it isn’t the same size as for her sister. I just took it for a test run for when I do need to open it up. For my Lee Oskar, the PH 1 seems to fit the tightest. Not sure if this is equivalent to the pozi #1 that you mention.

Since you will likely love the harp and be playing it like a BOSS with the direction of our fearless leader @Luke, if I were you, I would probably get a set which has several sizes, that way you are ready for whatever harp you choose to add to your collection next. :wink:

Just make sure you get a tight fit and you should be good to go :sunglasses: :notes:


Hi @Amiroquai just wanted to say welcome to the forum! Glad to have you here. Unfortunately, I’m the wrong guy to answer this question as I am not in the habit of taking apart harps. However, in addition to @HarpinBobbyMcB’s answer, I’d bet that @Slim or @AstridHandbikebee63 might have an answer for you?

Rock on,


Well, I don’t have any idea about the exact screwdrivers I use! All I do is select the general type (flat head or PH) and use which ever size seems to fit into the screw! Never had a problem, so I guess Astrid @AstridHandbikebee63 is the one to ask. :point_left:

– Slim


I checked with my Hohner guy and he recommended a #1 pozi screwdriver. :+1:t3:


Thank you!


Thank you for the super detailed response!


Hello @Amiroquai, @Luke, @HarpinBobbyMcB , @Slim ,
I do like you, @Slim, look, grab, screw and with the smallest feeling and a little caution. My screwdrivers don’t have names for the size. There is only cross, slot, torx and so on. The only difference is between normal sizes and watchmaker tools.
Names of size there are only with the nuts, maybe and rarely.
Greetings Astrid :slightly_smiling_face: