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Hi y’all:
I have a set of Lee Oskars which are great. I purchased a Horner Rocket and now own three. My question is - why are they so easy to play bends, etc and have others experienced this?

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Hi @robertchartrand2104,

I really don’t know, but perhaps it is the many more years of experience that the Hohner company has?

Not only have I had similar experience comparing Lee Oskar and various Hohner models (for example, Special 20 and Marine Band Deluxe), but I also find the tone of the Lee Oskar models to be “tinny” compared to the sound of the Hohners.

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– Slim

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Many thanks for your comment Slim which BTW, I agree with. I find the Rocket requires a lot less effort which allows me to not only bend notes more easily but do vibrato, etc. Nice to know I’m not alone.

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No doubt the Rockets are a total beast of a harp. I didn’t actually notice that they were easier to bend than the Lee Oskars - I’ll have to go back and check that out.

But I do know that Hohner is very proud of the Rocket line, so it’s great to hear them being appreciated by others!

Rock on Robert!