Hohner's Still Got It

I posted a few few days ago about a problem with a Hohner Crossover 20. The first one I got had some black deposits on it. I was stonewalled by a distributer about warranty issues. I sent an email to Germany and they forwarded it to a senior U.S. rep. He was extremely nice and only wanted my address so he could send a replacement. He was very nice and wanted to make sure I was a happy customer. He is shipping it today O/N.

I thought the days of subordinating a happy customer for a bit more profit were history but Hohner proved me wrong. The rep. was a delightful person and ask me what part of Texas I was from. Turns out he and I grew up and Houston fairly close to each other.

I were much admire someone that makes sure the customer is satisfied. Seems like a lots way of doing business.

I was watching the Hohner profile on U Tube when he called. After our conversation I finished the show and was even more impressed, especially when many of the employees had been with Hohner for up to 49 years.

Its not if someone makes a mistake but how they handles it and Hohner was great.

The vedio is very interesting and a must see.



Iā€™m glad

  1. That you had the wherewithal to get this to the people whose reputation is on the line (clearly not the distributor); and
  2. That Hohner provided quality customer service.

There was an old adage about a happy customer tells 3 people. An unhappy customer tells everyone with whom he talks. I think you, Hohner, and harmonica.com have turned that around - the happy customer telling everyone.

Nice to see you got a happy ending.


Thanks and well said. Good news travels but bad news spreads like mosquitos in Texas after a hurricane. Hohner did go out of their way once the issue was brought to their attention. The distributor rep was in her seat for a pay check and nothing else.

Its not making a mistake but how one handles it.



So glad to hear it @Scott4!! Rock on! :sunglasses: